Monday, March 2, 2009

All kinds of showers! (well, just snow and wedding)

Another weekend has come and gone, but this one was filled with my first wedding shower and SNOW!  What a happy combo!  

It was a long week leading up to it, with a busy week at the Archer's, the family I nanny for.  My favorite story from this week was when Fleming (age 4) came home from school one day and decided to lie repeatedly about washing his hands.  It started with my request that he wash his hands before snack time..."I already did!!"  He hadn't, because he had just walked in the door.  So, I sent him back...and a good indicator is sniffing his hands to make sure he gave them a good scrub.  So, he runs off, comes back with suspiciously dry hands...this is when the freak out happened.  No, no, not from me...I actually stayed calm this time.  When I told him that he had lied and not washed his hands, this is what I got, "BUT MOMMA NEVAH EVAH MAKES US WASH OUWAH HANDS!  NEVAH EVAH!!"  This is a lie.  Meridith makes them wash their hands everyday after school.  So, Fleming was sobbing and turning purple, and I tell him to do it right, or I'm throwing away the old valentine's day sucker he was working on.  "FINE! I'MMONNA WASH EM, BUT MOMMA NEVEAH EVAH MAKES US!  NEVAH EVAH!" I watch as he comes back into the kitchen with one arm raised up to grab his sucker from me.  It's wet, but the other hand is tucked into his pocket..."let me smell your other hand," I say.  One look, and it's still dry, with caked on dirt from the playground still on it.  I give him one more chance, and finally, FINALLY he marched off and then back, sobbing the entire way. THIS time, he has both arms up, with soap suds and water running from his fingers to his elbows.  The kid is stubborn.  But pretty cute, too*** see above photo.

Friday we had another round of pre-marital counseling.  We talking this week about how everyday for the rest of our lives we must constantly have DTRs.  If you don't know what DTR means, it's "Defining the relationship."  The phrase kind of reminds me of being in high school, but it was cool how even as married people we will always be changing and defining our relationship.  We also talked about roles, and how we can be better servants, prayers, worshippers, etc. as partners than we ever could be alone.  We talked about divorce, and responsibilities, and being about to give up things for the other one.  Overall, the counseling has been super helpful, and I am not looking forward to the day when we won't have this one-on-one time with Scott to talk about our marriage!  

Sunday, Landon's church hosted a wedding shower for Landon and I!  It was very, very exciting!  Here is a photo of me and all 18 of my hostesses!  We received a Kitchen Aid mixer (!!!), the coolest toaster and coffee maker, lots of pewter and copper platters, among other pretty things!  It was weird having attention on me when it wasn't 1. my birthday 2. Christmas 3. some other occasion when someone should receive gifts!  But I think I could get used to it!  :)  My lovely mother and grandmother also came with me and gave us our duvet/shams from Pottery Barn!  Super excited about these!

Oh, and I have to show the cute bird house Jamie and Michael Ford gave us.  I'm so obsessed with it, but.  I love it.  I heard Michael was skeptical about the gift at first, but be skeptical no more!  I mean, I can't stop talking about it.
Isn't it cute?!  Well, I hope everyone got a little snow and had a wonderful weekend!  And let's sit down and talk about the season finale of the Bachelor last night, please!  Shocker!

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  1. hehe.. I love your nanny stories. You look classy lady in your shower picture =) I can't wait to see you at work today to hear the tiny details.. i do love that bird house, too cute. Also, you know my feelings on the bachelor.. I am still on fire about this!