Sunday, February 22, 2009

King Cake

Hey friends!  Friday brought round two of pre-marital counseling with Scott Pierce, our minister for the wedding.  He was my youth minister for 7th-12th grade, and always felt more like my second father.  It's been fun watching Landon get to know him, and it's just been nice to get to talk about things that may not have been brought up otherwise...well, not for a while anyway.

This week we talked about our family patterns, including things like personality and sin patterns, to health and addictions.  It was interesting to see patterns on each side, and how they may affect us later on.  We also talked about leadership, and follow-ship!  Something both of us need to work on. Yay!  

When we got back to Starkville Friday night, we went to Jessica Lovelady's house to make King Cake!  Seriously good king cake.  I was glad Jessica was up for it, because I had been craving king cake for weeks, and I would have been intimidated when I saw that it called for yeast...kinda freaks me out and it also signals a serious recipe...which I also steer clear of. 

I also am intimidated by dough...I blame this on my mother, because she was always  calling me down to the kitchen to feel the dough she was rolling out. Not only did this not interest me, whenever I tried to help her roll some dough out for pizza or cookies, she always had to fix it afterwards.  It's a skill for sure. But don't worry, Landon!  I am going to work on this!  And the king cake was the little bit of confidence that I needed....although Jessica did most of the messy work!

This was the final product.  And now it is almost allllll gone.  For breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

We also took engagement photos this weekend.  I can't wait to post a few for you to see!  Jessica Lovelady did a terrific job, and made it very fun for us.  We took lots outside in the Funderberk's yard, and in the Lee Hall auditorium.  Can't wait to see the final products!  It's also great to have very talented friends.  Lovelady is a great cook AND a great photographer...AND we watched the Changeling this weekend.  It was a good weekend!  Hope yours was too!


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