Friday, March 13, 2009

We're like, so engaged.

Here are a few of our engagement photos taken by Jessica Lovelady just a couple of weekends ago.  Doesn't Landon have the best faces?  He's a face man for sure!

I bought this white dress from J.Crew and it was so pretty, and springy...and I was determined to wear it anyway, so my sweet roommate, Beverly let me borrow her vintage coat.  I think it went nicely with Landon's blue shirt.

There's your sneak peek at the photos.  You can also find us making our debut in the Clinton newspaper in the upcoming months in the engaged section.  We know....we are SUPER popular.

This weekend we are in Jackson/Clinton for my cousin's baby shower, to exchange some gifts and scope out Belk again, and to basically live it up...I will post again soon with hopefully some fun weekend update time, and specifics about our pre-marital counseling chats with Scott.  
Stay tuned!  


  1. I love these! Especially the last one.. I want to see more!!

  2. so pretty! i love the coat! great colour!

  3. Cute pictures!!!! Glad you are enjoying the bird house. I showed Michael the picture and it seemed to satisfy him. He was so worried about the bird house, but after I told him he could start purchasing all gifts, it didn't seem so bad!!