Sunday, March 29, 2009

A photo update

I have sadly been absent for the last few weeks, and there is too much to catch up on!  Instead, I will post a few photos!

Family Time:  Cousin Christina (forth from left) is having a baby girl!  So we had a little baby shower, and a sort of a family reunion since we all live in different places (Texas, New Orleans, Starkville).  Back row is Chris, Mom, cousin Genevieve, cousin Christina, Angela, Aunt Jane, Little cousin Christopher, Landon, Me, Siena, and Dad.

That weekend, we also visited with Landon's parents and Landon's doggy, Dante!  Isn't he cute?

The next weekend, my wonderful friends Beverly, Amy Grace, Jessi, and Mary hosted a couple's shower for us on a rooftop in Fondren!  It was a grilling themed shower, and not only did we get some really cool gifts, we more importantly got to hang out with our friends that we don't get to see very much!  It was really fun, and the weather was beautiful.  Thank you, girls!!

This is the boys uncomfortable pose photo. Chris Jones and Neil were also there.

Her are the girls!  The lovely hostesses are the four ladies to my right in the photo.  I also did the trial for my wedding hair-do that weekend, but I can't post photos, because I don't want Landon to see!  Amy Grace and my mom came with me, too!

Mom and Dad came to visit this weekend to celebrate Dad's birthday!  It was really fun to see them and eat lots of good food!  And of course they brought Cait, our border collie genius.

Cait loves to rip paper, and unwrap presents so here she is helping Landon unwrap a wedding gift from my parents.  She also loves Landon.  

Wanna see one of the kids that I nanny for?  And the elephant ears that I made for Meri Laci's school play?

Life had been busy, but exciting!  Thanks y'all for helping us with wedding plans and festivities!

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  1. I know this is random and I am a stranger, but do u know how "Mary" got the rooftop ur talking about? I was googling it and ur blog site popped up. Could u tell me who to contact? I've tried all I kno and can find. Please email me at or or something if u can. I really really appreciate it. Sry this is so strange!

    -Katie b. (my fiance is Joel this is his account)